Prospective Members

We invite you to consider membership in the Fort Worth NCL Chapter. Some things to keep in mind about the membership process:

  • Timeline: Applications for membership are accepted during the Annual Membership Drive from October-February each year for daughters in the grade 6th at the time of the Membership Drive.
  • Residence: A Prospective Member shall reside within the Fort Worth Area or attend All Saints Episcopal School, Fort Worth Country Day School, or Trinity Valley School.
  • Sponsorship: A Prospective Member shall be sponsored by an Active Member and co-sponsored by an Active, Provisional or Sustainer Patroness Member in our Chapter. (We can help connect you with a sponsor and co-sponsor, if needed!).
  • Application: A Prospective Member shall only apply to one Chapter.

Please begin by submitting the following Membership Inquiry Form. This will allow us to provide you with further details about the membership application process and timeline.

There will be a prospective member meeting held in the Spring.  Please check back here in December for additional information.

If you know someone in NCL, talk to her about her Chapter’s boundaries, membership obligations and membership drive timeline. If you do not know someone in NCL, Inc. you are invited to submit the following form.

Please click here to fill out and submit your Membership Inquiry form, or for any questions regarding Membership, requests for transfers or assistance with connecting as a Sustainer, email us at

Thank you again for your interest in our Fort Worth NCL Chapter. We look forward to meeting you!

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