Cultural Experiences

As future leaders, we continually strive to build stronger ties with our communities and the individuals within them. It is through this understanding that we grow and develop broader worldviews that will shape and support our lives. We celebrate our history through traditions that honor the past while serving the future.

Mother Daughter Holiday Tea

Our chapter strives to expose and pass down to our daughters traditions such as the Mother Daughter Tea. Ticktockers and Patronesses are involved in every aspect of planning and hosting this annual holiday season event.   It is a lovely afternoon spent applying basic etiquette and hostess skills with friends.



 Senior Recognition

Beginning with our first Senior class of 2016, we will honor our senior girls after six years of service to our local community through Senior Recognition.  At this formal event we celebrate their individual accomplishments as well their collective experiences.  This serves as our final opportunity to wish them continued success at the next level of their academic pursuits knowing that  we have helped prepare them well for the new challenges ahead.



cultural event


Grade Level Cultural Activities:

  • Theater
  • International Foods and Cooking Class
  • Dance class or performance
  • Music concert or musical theater
  • Museums
  • Architectural tour or garden event


botanic gardens